The Right Brain

Starting as one of the first male models for The Other Duck back in 2007, Jed Florano had grown from becoming the company's bartender to a now, more permanent position as the assistant graphic designer. Studying charcoal drawing in school and exploring many other artforms, Jed is able to bring his creative perspective to the OD alongside Cheryl Koo. He is also a professional dancer and choreographer with nearly 10 years of experience.

Discovering his passion at the age of 18, Jed auditioned for Team Millennia at CSUF in 2003. From then, he became a part of a number of teams including Mavyn, Unity LA, Kaba Legacy and AnbuBlackOps. Jed made his first television appearance on season 2 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew with TM7 and then reappeared on season 3. As a choreographer and dance teacher, Jed has traveled across the world to Norway, Belgium, Amsterdam and Canada and has taught and performed all across the US.